The Privilege Of Keeping A Koi Fish As Your Pet

The beginning of the koi fish is originated from carp, which was raised by the Chinese population in the 1300s. Then in Japan, there are hatcheries of koi in the Ojiya mountains, Nigata, where residents also cultivate carp in summer for consumption in the winter, because when winter the area is covered with snow. Koi fish were manifested during the cultivation of carp for years, and people also feed the koi with the best koi food, until finally the first strains of red and blue were obtained. That is the forerunner to the realization of koi fish.


Until 1870, new strains appeared, they are red and white (Kohaku), white and black (Shiro Utsuri) and black yellow (Ki Utsuri). And now many more variants of koi fish with different names.

Motifs or patterns of colorful koi fish are the results of cross-breeding between varieties so that they can produce various types as they are now. In addition to Japan, these fish are also popular throughout the world. Even in some countries, this fish is also very popular and is ranked first for the type of ornamental fish.

What is the privilege if you keep koi fish:

1. Adaptable fish

Koi fishes are the ones that can live everywhere, provided the water temperature does not change drastically. They can be maintained in cement ponds, soil pools, with the number of fish adjusted.

2. Receiving all types of food (omnivores)

The main food of koi is pellets, which have been widely circulated in the market, and this fish also eat vegetables as well.

3. Longevity

Age of koi fish can reach 200 years. So it’s very suitable to be a pet and a friend for life.

4. Colorful patterns

The results of crossbreeds between varieties produce a variety of strains that make koi fish have many patterns or motifs. So you can freely choose the motifs that you like. Surely in the seller who has a complete collection of koi fish.

5. Prices are varied

Koi fish have a variety of qualities, like items that we may buy in stores. and each quality certainly has a different price, so we can maintain this fish in accordance with our budget.

6. They are tame and not dangerous

This fish has no leader in the group. The old koi also did not attack the immigrant koi. Even male koi do not disturb or attack female koi. So koi are fish that are friendly to each other.

7. Including prestigious fish

Maintaining koi can also be used as a luxury display at home. Beautiful colors and elegant swimming styles make this fish memorable. If we maintain it since a young age, of course, the price is cheap. Having koi fish at home means keeping the king of ornamental fish.

8. It is regarded as a lucky fish in Japan

In Japan, koi fish is very popular, because it is considered to bring good luck in the field of career and household, of course with the number and position of ponds arranged in the rules of Fengshui. Besides that, there were many kinds of contests there.